Are you prepared for Hurricane Sandy?

Before departing, make sure the windows are covered and collection the refrigerator and freezers to the coolest feasible temperatures. If you are not really ordered to leave, stay indoors and prevent the calmed eyes of the storm that may pass quickly, leaving you outside at risk. The majority of hurricane-related injuries are due to flying glass and other debris. Avoid windows and doors and look for shelter in a bathroom and basement when possible. Hurricane Sandy slams Northeast U.S. Braced for superstorm, threatening some 60 million people along the most greatly populated corridor in the nation Carbon monoxide poisoning can be a potential risk during a hurricane: Avoid a generator, pressure washer, charcoal grill, camp stove, or other gasoline – or charcoal-burning device in the home, basement, or garage or significantly less than 20 ft from any home window, door, or vent, the CDC recommends.Safety Profile In this study, adverse events were largely consistent with the protection profile seen in previous research of dalfampridine extended launch tablets in people who have MS. Eight individuals, including four from each treatment group withdrew from the analysis because of adverse events. There is one reported seizure-related event in the placebo group no seizure-related occasions reported in the dalfampridine group.