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We examined the association between this genetic variation and progression of kidney disease in African Americans with hypertensive nephrosclerosis. ‘. .. The researchers conducted genetic studies on various forms of the gene MYH9 in 706 African Americans with kidney disease related to high blood pressure identify. The patients were from a larger study diabetes. Study of Kidney Disease and Hypertension created. ‘African Americans are at much higher risk of ESRD compared to white Americans, but the reasons for this discrepancy are unknown, ‘Astor said. ‘A genetic variation of the MYH9 gene occurs more frequently in African Americans, was recently found that ESRD are in people brought without diabetes.

African Americans kidney disease in African-American variant MYH9 Gene Linked In African Americans with kidney disease related to hypertension is a common genetic variant with a greatly increased risk of progressive renal disease associated, presented according to a study at the American Society of 43rd Nephrology Annual Meeting and Scientific Exposition. End Stage Renal Disease patients with hypertension occurs in the African American population at a rate 13.1 times greater than that of white counterparts. We found that individuals with the common genotype were approximately 1.5 times more progressive renal disease than those with other genotypes, said Brad C. PhD . The gene variant – in more than half of the patients in the study – could contribute the high rate of ESRD among African Americans..Research the Pennsylvania State University studying 153 girls in the center Keystone State. – for children participation, parental involvement and knowledge of the portion sizes of can help overweight among children, said registered dietitian and ADA spokesperson Melinda Johnson. – parent are primary role models for children to must stimulating to promote and to model healthy lifestyles, e-mail include parents and concerns about their children’s by weight of should one Dietetic trade advice to make that they approach her child by weight. A manner doing non accidental damage. .