The most important human carbohydrate source is not what you may guess.

That’s because cassava isn’t only both versatile and extremely nutritious, it’s also a good source of fiber, phosphorus and calcium, among other essential nutrients. In addition to being eaten and cooked just like a potato, cassava can also be ground right into a flour. The starch of the cassava isn’t known as cassava starch but tapioca, and is most famously used in puddings and in the boba balls of certain Asian teas. These are occasionally called pearls and so are often served with a milk-enriched tea called pearl milk tea or, in Chinese, phonetically spelled out: jen-joo-nai-cha. . Source: 25 Amazing Facts About Food, authored by Mike David and Adams Guiterrez.The CXDI-70C Cellular DR System can be an ideal option for all of radiography systems, including cellular systems. Doctors can now carry a durable, light-weight standard-size detector without a wire and very easily slip it right into a desk bucky or stand, said Tsuneo Imai, senior director and general manager, Medical Systems Division, Canon U.S.A. The Canon CXDI-70C Cellular DR Program still has many of the benefits and capabilities as other detectors in the Canon Digital Radiography line including previewing high-resolution pictures within 3-5 seconds after exposure on the brand new CXDI Control Software NE. Through the elimination of the sensor cable, the recently developed Canon CXDI-70C Wireless also enables handling comparable to current film cassette X-ray systems, resulting in effortless usability and portability.