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Bypass surgery does not carry long term neurological effects In a wide retrospective review of the effects of coronary artery bypass grafting on storage and other brain functions a team of U.S. Researchers has figured, while there might be transient short-term results, the procedure itself does not cause later or permanent neurological effects probably. The authors of the critique Ola Selnes, Ph.D., professor of neurology at Johns Hopkins Medical center in Baltimore, Maryland and Guy M. McKhann, M.D., of Johns Hopkins also, say that the late cognitive declines observed in some long-term studies are most likely to be associated with the progression of underlying conditions such as for example cerebrovascular disease rather than the surgery itself. They think that there are short-term cognitive adjustments after CABG in a few patients, but apart from a stroke, these changes are generally mild and transient & most patients who experience cognitive decline return to their baseline by three months or sooner.