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CNN examines a program in Nigeria, promotes people HIV positive, to get married, spread of the virus spread of the virus. Bauchi State Bauchi State Agency provides for the control of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, as BACATMA known pay for the dowry, provide advice and even hope that employment within the agency. BACATMA officials HIV-positive HIV-positive couples, them hold spreading to spreading to people who are not infected, writes CNN, adds, that UNAIDS argues that these marriages do not prevent the spread of AIDS (Purefoy male disease .

CNN examines program to promote Marriage Among HIV-positive people in Nigeria Heavy rain exacerbated poor conditions for hundreds of thousands of internally displaced people in northern Sri Lanka over the weekend, IRIN reports. Trapped in perspective, this is a health disaster is waiting to happen , an international medical officer added that there are concerns about the spread of diarrhea, dysentery and other water borne diseases . According to CNN, an internal UN memo painted a bleak picture for the refugees, who were caught in mudslides and runoff from flooded latrines. Human Rights Watch on Tuesday Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Hundreds of thousands of refugees from the camps by the floods release the weekend said their lives were in danger of suffering from the disease, the Associated Press reports .

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