Also in global wellness news: Street pharmacies.

Also in global wellness news: Street pharmacies; China health care; Hospital basic safety; African cardinals; Cells phones for health AFP Examines ‘Street Pharmacies’ In Benin Agence France-Presse examines Adjegounle, the drugs district in Benin read more . Even though some have the ability to support their families by selling drugs at street pharmacies, a minimum of 250 deaths and 340 cases of chronic illnesses linked to such medicines were recorded between April 2007 and June 2008, according to a medical thesis, the news headlines service writes. France’s former president Jacques Chirac recently launched an initiative that aims to raise recognition among political leaders all over the world to function against the proliferation of such fake pharmaceuticals .

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Some essential properties of the proteins made by the p53 gene – – arresting cell growth and induction of cell loss of life – were previously uncovered by Dr. Moshe Oren of the Weizmann Institute of Technology, another member of the existing research team. These properties were thought to explain the primary cancer safety activity of p53. However, the new research today described in Character describes a different system of actions of p53 – – inhibition of cell invasion – – which may be the most critical method of cancer-protection in colon and rectal cancers and perhaps other types of epithelial cancers. The new study may have important implications for cancer diagnosis and therapy.