Meridia: Risky Diet Pill Withdrawn Say good-bye to Meridia.

FDA scientists stated they asked Meridia’s maker, Abbot Labs, to withdraw the medication because its risks weren’t justified weighed against ‘the modest weight loss that people achieve upon this drug.’ Normally, patients lost about five pounds with the drug. ‘Physicians should stop prescribing Meridia to their patients and sufferers should stop acquiring this medication,’ Dr. John Jenkins, the FDA’s director for brand-new medicines, said in a statement. Meridia is not widely used in the U.S., with a steep decline in prescriptions in recent years. About 100,000 sufferers use the drug in the U.S., based on the FDA. Eighty % of users are middle-aged females. Weight loss drugs have long been plagued by detrimental unwanted effects – particularly heart problems.Steve Arthur of Arthur & Orum Well Drilling can be drilling wells as fast as his rig will allow him. The demand offers been insatiable, and waiting lists as long as 18 weeks have developed during the state’s drought. Some farmers are willing to pay several times the cost of a normal well by contracting people out of condition. This obviously illustrates the desperation of the current water situation as farmers become ready to do just about anything to utilize an available water source. Actually, farmers are paying $300 per feet to reach groundwater, and some wells are going 3,000 feet down as all of the good water is being consumed faster than Mother Nature can replenish it. This exploitation of the California water products has caused a significant dropping of their landmass, which threatens expensive infrastructure that may break in case of land collapse easily, such as roads, railways, canals and pipelines.