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Adolescents with the highest levels of added sugar consumption at more than 30 % of total energy consumption were 49, vs. 86ligrams / deciliter compared to 54 mg / dL of HDL levels in patients with the lowest sugar consumption – a 9 % difference. Previous studies show that the biggest contributors of added sugar in the diet of sugary drinks such as sodas, fruit juices, coffee and tea are said Welsh. – Juveniles eat 20 % of of their daily calories in sugars that provide too few or no other nutrients, she said. Sweet things as treats as treats. .

Doctors must also ask young people about their sugar intake and, to better decisions In additionBecause the researchers used cross-sectional data, they do not know if added sugars intake caused the differing cholesterol levels, that they are connected. In addition, the diet 24-hour 24-hour recall of intake, not on a person, the usual intake reflect. Long-term studies are necessary to understand the effect that has taken sugar consumption during adolescence on risk for cardiovascular disease in adulthood, Welsh said.Repeats these it crashes of the West Nile infected Mechanism.

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