Avoid or limit alcohol to one drink per day for women or two men.

Avoid or limit alcohol to one drink per day for women or two men. Evidence shows no alcohol increases the risk of cancer, but it can reduce the risk for other diseases, if you choose to drink, so in moderation. Take the supplements do not protect against cancer, even though they may need certain groups can.

The report proposes a 10 – point plan for risk of cancer to reduce: Stay slim and slender. Keep the bottom of the normal body weight and to on the extra pounds.At the start of the year started in Pfizer Phase 3 trials in a first – in-class JAK inhibitor in rheumatoid arthritis in 10 years, very promising based on the phase 2 efficacy and safety dates. Rheumatoid arthritis has a 1.3 million Americans and may be serious, debilitating, reducing shaping and even the life expectancy. Pfizer are also the conducting Phase 3 clinical trials having tanezumab, a perfect one humanized monoclonal antibody sharply to nerve growth factor. Tanezumab reduction pain progression with a osteoarthritis of the knee clinical trials to date.

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