As the fight over healthcare reform rages in Congress.

Klegerman In some ways, the findings certainly are a result of looking at the issue differently. Dartmouth researchers viewed hospitalized individuals who had died, and then worked well backward to trace the variations in shelling out for their care before their deaths. All center was examined by The California study failure patients who was simply hospitalized to observe how they fared. The hospital with the highest cost for such patients had one-third fewer deaths than the one that spent minimal . This article is usually republished with kind permission from our close friends at The Kaiser Family Foundation.The researchers identified an extremely small, rare group of resting tumor stem cells in the lung cancer tumor samples that looked and behaved much like regular adult lung tissue stem cells. Both the cancer and regular stem cells were protected similarly by multiple drug resistance transporters, if the majority of the tumor responded to chemotherapy even. Relating to Dr. Donnenberg, the actual fact that cancers can and perform relapse after successful therapy indicates the survival of a drug-resistant apparently, tumor-initiating people of cells in lots of types of refractory cancers. Due to the similarities between your way that normal stem cells and tumor stem cells guard themselves, cancer therapies need to be designed to target tumor stem cells while sparing regular stem cells specifically, she explained..