Cellectricon, Neusentis to host webinar on phenotypic screening techniques in pain research Cellectricon and Neusentis to present a webinar on, may 16, from 11am EDT Cellectricon, a leading provider of advanced cell-based screening providers and technologies, will co-host a webinar with Neusentis, describing the usage of native cells to build up an assay with improved physiological relevance more than traditional approaches in discomfort drug discovery analysis. Webinar participants will gain further understanding of the underlying mechanisms leading to chronic pain, and find out about phenotypic screening methods in pain analysis and the usage of compound profiling to advance analysis in the CNS and pain therapeutic areas.We identify brain stem cells particularly by their Tlx creation. If we increase it, the cells stem cell becomes a tumor stem cell that malignant glioblastomas arise. As a result, we are able now, for the very first time, to carry brain stem cells straight responsible for the forming of mind tumor stem cells, G-nther Sch-tz clarifies. The researchers be prepared to have the ability to develop new treatments to treat glioblastoma based on these outcomes from fundamental cell biology study. Tlx appears to play its fatal part not merely in mouse brains. Learning tumor cells from glioblastoma patients, Lichter and Reifenberger found that the Tlx gene exists in multiple copies and frequently, thus, more Tlx proteins is produced.