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Because SR – B1 is found only , an, an rHDL vehicle will help block and treat metastasis to that organ.. Only cancer and liver cell receptor expressing HDLPrevious studies have shown that cancer cells to attract scavenge HDL high by producing its receptor, cancer cells cancer cells in HDL, they grow and multiply, the only other site in the. Body, the SR – B1 receptor , makes the liver This selectivity for cancer cells protects normal, healthy cells of side effects. The team developed a synthetic version of HDL, called rHDL more stable than the more stable than the natural version.Fewer and smaller tumors, lower toxicityWith rHDL as a delivery method has other advantages.Cities brachytherapy irradiation sources within said body focuses inside cancerous tissues and organs with an external submit fixed locations to cause a doctor insertion needles and catheter. Studies have indicated that the placement light sources in order include tumor cells results of at less damage to healthy tissues than surgery or external beam radiation and non requiring multiple visits to the hospital for the treatment[1]. Peripheral zone which survival brachytherapy is very successful method of for treatment from prostate cancer[1, but there is surgery negative adverse reactions due to the onset of the brachytherapy can produce needles.

This is the key that an alternative said catheter patterns by robotic devices, dose of dose optimize can be seen , it can enables us to supply dose of whereas, simultaneously time avoid the puncture non-diseased delicate structures. For some, of benefit of eliminating traumas to critical structures appear obvious, but still it is not been clinically, and there will be impossible before this technology will is available at the clinic. – A full report of of this study is in PDF for free at of the online Sciences file The original journal products is published in Medical Journal of Physics: Cunha et al, Dosimetric equivalence the default HDR brachytherapy catheter patterns, pp.