Also in global wellness news: Clean drinking water in India.

Also in global wellness news: Clean drinking water in India; cholera in Kenya; Zuma, Gates discuss HIV/Helps; MDR-TB in Marshall Islands; sanitation in Jakarta News Outlets Examine Drinking water Purifier Launched In India India’s Tata Group on Mon ‘unveiled a fresh low-cost drinking water purifier, which it expectations will provide safe drinking water for millions and cut the toll of deadly illnesses,’ Agence France-Presse/ reports. The purifier, called the Tata Swach, was made to run in households without electric power and costs about $22, according to the news service online . According to the Associated Press, ‘[s]ome 894 million people don’t possess sufficient usage of clean water, and 2.2 million in developing countries, most children, die every year from diseases connected with unsafe drinking water and poor sanitation, according to the World Health Company and the US.

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Alternative Therapies for Menopause Black cohosh is a commonly used herbal supplement that’s thought to reduce hot flashes. However, small German studies that tested dark cohosh only followed women over a short while period. The German agency that regulates herbs will not recommend using black cohosh for much longer than six months. Side effects can include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, visible problems, slow heartbeat, and excessive sweating. Black cohosh is not regulated by the U.S. Drug and Food Administration, so women should be careful about the purity and safety of the supplement. Plant estrogens such as soy protein are a popular fix for hot flashes, although data on the effectiveness are small.