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– Cancer Prevention – a number of studies show that men who help to ejaculate on a regular basis more than 30 percent reduction in prostate cancer to develop cancer.1 regular ejaculations rinse, the prostate, the containment the development of prostate cancer can.

– Strength Training – In addition to burning calories, sex helps in the production of testosterone, which can strengthen bones and muscles. Low testosterone levels can in a series of side effects such as decreased libido, fatigue and depression, among other things, have the consequence.Researchers warn that showed of the preliminary results the drug of tenofovir is safe, the number of new HIV cases that appeared during study not enough to statistical significance concluded that PrEP plants (Braden Balderas, for Aug. Network.. ‘What we know works of condoms are,’Peterson said. ‘The problem is that not every in a position to negotiating condom use or all times so do we need additional tools to in order to help the both women and men protect yourself in these special cases when they able do not negotiate the use of condoms.

Potential impact of potential impact of the financing scale-up of the treatment in the developing world, drastically drastically shorten the long-term economic impacts of HIV, according Jean-Paul Moatti the University of Marseille it’s an investment in domestic reply, and it is very important as soon as as soon as possible, Moatti added.: that is why we say, It is expensive And supplement to to some extent – in addition, at the macro levels, at the level of in global economic policy of a country – that is very important.