Chamberlain Farms a salmonella source.

We’re still assessing the full scope of the. Salmonella bacteria typically reside in animal and human intestines and so are shed through feces, according to the Mayo Clinic. Salmonella infections, or salmonellosis, could cause diarrhea, abdomen and fever cramps within 8 to 72 hours of exposure. Most people recover with no treatment, but it could be deadly for some. In some cases, diarrhea associated with the infection can be so dehydrating that medical attention is essential.Over the next couple of years, he grew his possession in the Weston, Massachusetts-based biotech, holding 8.2 million shares valued at nearly $750 million as recently as June of the year. Since he committed to Biogen Idec first, Icahn has attempted to wrench control of the drugmaker most widely known for its medications for dealing with multiple sclerosis. He insisted that the plank sell Biogen Idec at the ultimate end of 2007, and when they didn’t find a customer, Icahn accused them of lying on the subject of their effort. Icahn also offered his shares in the biotech businesses Amgen, headquartered in California, New York-centered Regeneron, and medical gadget organization Cyberonics from Houston, Texas.