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Alzheimer’s, cognitive decline and neurodegenerative disease linked to an excessive amount of toxic ‘free copper’ in blood Copper is an important dietary mineral that must be maintained at levels that are in correct balance with other essential dietary nutrients like zinc. But having too much ‘free copper,’ referred to as bio-unavailable copper also, circulating in the blood may indicate, or even be the cause of, some serious health issues, including cognitive decline, neurodegenerative disease and Alzheimer’s cardiovascular diseases treatment . A 2008 study released in the journal Current Opinion in Clinical Diet and Metabolic Treatment reveals some of the more serious adverse effects of having an excessive amount of circulating free copper.

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The American Legion supports this bill, but emphasizes the need for proper oversight to ensure that veterans’ rights are protected. Devoted oversight is necessary to ensure that the veterans affected, most of whom have small ability to protect themselves in such situations, are not at the mercy of being taken advantage of by unscrupulous organizations or individuals, de Planque informed the committee. In previous congressional testimony, The American Legion recommended that VA should allocate more staff to administer its fiduciary program solely. S. 3348: Allows misfiled disability claims attracts become treated as motions for reconsideration Many veterans, unfamiliar with the procedure for filing disability statements appeals, mistakenly document their appeals with VA instead of the Courtroom of Appeals for Veterans Claims .