According to the Congressional Budget Workplace.

The Washington Post's Wonk Blog: Obamacare Mandate Delay Costs $12 Billion, Cuts Insurance Coverage Almost all that boost reflects a reduction in the penalties that the government could have collected from employers who did not comply with the necessity to provide health insurance. The Congressional Budget Office, which released the new estimate Tuesday, also expects more Us citizens to access federal subsidies purchasing insurance on the brand new marketplaces . The Hill: CBO: ObamaCare Mandate Delay Will Cost Authorities $12 Billion Republicans have hammered the Obama administration over the delay, arguing that it creates a double standard because the law's person mandate goes into effect next year still.BrainStorm provides overview of latest accomplishments for shareholders, investors BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics Inc. , a leading programmer of adult stem cell systems and therapeutics, provided an assessment of recent accomplishments meant for shareholders and traders today. BrainStorm anticipates that it can complete individual enrollment and commence the Phase I/II scientific trial during the 1st half of 2011 at the Hadassah INFIRMARY. While the Firm can be current on all its filings and for that reason eligible to end up being quoted on the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Plank , due to problems related to the marketplace makers that estimate on the OTCBB, the ongoing company, with hundreds of others together, is now becoming quoted on the Pink Bed sheets and on the OTC.QB.