The thief was caught out by a cheap camera that was placed inside the optical eye of a teddy bear.

Mr Sampson says his mom has seen justice served before she dies and was pleased to hear of the sentence and today has a new carer. Liverpool PCT Provider Services has confirmed that a former health care assistant, utilized by the Company arm of Liverpool Principal Care Trust provides been arrested and convicted of stealing from an individual. The PCT says it had fully supported the police investigation and the employee involved was instantly suspended following her arrest and is certainly no longer utilized by Liverpool PCT.. Camcorder in teddy bear catches carer thieving from ill elderly woman A carer captured on camera stealing from her ill and elderly client has been sentenced to six months in prison after pleading guilty to two fees of theft. The incident provides in some methods highlighted the vulnerability of seniors who depend on paid carers to provide for them.Professor Hans Erik B-tker and his research group have got previously demonstrated that remote control ischemic conditioning decreases cardiac tissue damage typically 30 percent in sufferers undergoing severe balloon treatment for a coronary attack. In sufferers treated with conditioning, a blood circulation pressure cuff was positioned around the higher arm and inflated to 200 mmHg for five minutes to cut off blood circulation, and then released. The arm rested for five minutes, and then the blood circulation pressure cuff was re-used. This process was repeated 4 occasions.