People across the nation and the world are learning the benefits of using food.

Antibiotics destroy your disease fighting capability – log off the medicines and repair the body As the natural health movement grows, people across the nation and the world are learning the benefits of using food, herbs, and supplements to prevent and treat disease and illness. Antibiotics are chemical therapy. Read any package insert or look up a pharmaceutical on the Internet and thoroughly read the possible unwanted effects exact analogue of Viagra . Many drugs, even many over-the-counter drugs, warn of dangers that consist of lifelong disability or death. They are the outcomes the companies either openly admit or are pressured to admit. Why I Stopped Acquiring AntibioticsThroughout the years I adopted conventional medicine, I didn’t realize that antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals were harming my gut and my immune system – not until I crashed headlong into auto-immune disease after my second anaphylactic reaction, a reaction to an antibiotic.

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Her farm raises about 400 animals, only a fraction of the size of some giant farms that house hundreds or even tens of thousands at the same time. Antibiotics were 1st used by poultry suppliers in the 1940s, and the National Chicken Council says the majority of the drugs . Are never found in human medicine and for that reason represent no risk of creating level of resistance in humans. Rep. Louise Slaughter , the only microbiologist in Congress, offers been fighting to limit the practice for greater than a 10 years. I cannot get over the astonishment and anger that among the best medical breakthroughs in the annals of the world has been frittered apart with such careless make use of, she said. Slaughter is urging customers to help put an end to the practice by buying only antibiotic-free meats and poultry..