Manufactured from carbon nanotubes wrapped in DNA.

Carbon nanotube sensors for malignancy drugs MIT engineers are suffering from carbon nanotubes into sensors for tumor drugs and other DNA-damaging agents inside living cells. The sensors, manufactured from carbon nanotubes wrapped in DNA, can detect chemotherapy drugs such as cisplatin as well as environmental toxins and free of charge radicals that harm DNA . We’ve produced a sensor that can be put into living cells, malignant or healthy, and detect several different classes of molecules that harm DNA actually, said Michael Strano, associate professor of chemical substance engineering and senior writer of a paper on the ongoing work appearing in the Dec.

Carbon nanotubes may cause cancer, study reveals A new study conducted by a team of UK and US scientists has revealed the carcinogenic potential of specific carbon nanotubes. In a paper released in Character Nanotechnology on 20 May, the experts describe asbestos-like features in long, multi-walled carbon nanotubes , when they are inhaled in adequate quantities. To be able to analyse their risk potential, long and short nanotubes, long and short asbestos fibres in addition to carbon black were injected in to the abdominal cavity of mice.