Based on immuno-fluorescence.

CALP, HistoRx collaborate to co-develop new era of tissue-based imaging solutions Caliper Lifestyle Sciences, Inc ?medical product . and HistoRx, Inc., announced a collaboration to co-develop a new generation of tissue-based imaging and analysis solutions today, based on immuno-fluorescence, that may deliver accurate, quantitative, and reproducible measurements of proteins in tissue samples. Caliper is consequently an all natural partner for HistoRx in getting reproducible and truly quantitative immunohistochemistry to the anatomic pathology laboratory.’ Under the agreement, Caliper will have exclusive world-wide distribution rights for the integrated item in the life span sciences research marketplace as the companies continue to explore extra collaborative opportunities in medical study and diagnostics.

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The Thermal Angel provides itself been praised because of its lifesaving attempts both in crisis response in domestic crises as well as on the battlefield. ‘The Thermal Angel can be an incredible weapon in the arsenal of crisis responders, military service women and men and others who are on leading lines of coping with health crises, both in the U.S. And overseas,’ stated Brandon Lopez. Jay Lopez concurred: ‘With the effects of future strands of the H1N1 influenza and seasonal flu among vulnerable populations yet unfamiliar, the Thermal Angel is of tremendous value to medical center and EMS responders assisting flu victims with hypothermia and dehydration.