Also in global health news: Illegal drug trade in E.

Also in global health news: Illegal drug trade in E . Africa; Somalia humanitarian crisis; alcoholic beverages, IV drug use in Russia; HIV/AIDS in China; FBOs take part in HIV fight Illegal Medication Trade Turning East Africa Into Main Crime Middle, U.N. Official Says In a speech to the U.N. Security Council Tuesday, Antonio Maria Costa, head of the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime, said the unstable circumstance in Somalia is adding to the spread of unlawful drug trafficking and additional illicit actions, turning East Africa right into a major center of crime, Reuters reports . He told the UN protection council that the trade of west African cocaine for east African heroin was making drugs a fresh kind of currency in the region, the Connected Press/Guardian writes .

Of these who survive, mental coordination and impairment defects may continue to affect them. HACE could be fatal if not regarded and treated quickly.. Altitude Sickness Prognosis The prognosis for acute altitude sickness is great as long as common sense can be used. Descending, delaying further ascent, rest, and paying attention to the body`s symptoms are usually all that is necessary to ensure a full recovery. High altitude pulmonary edema includes a good outcome if symptoms are identified and treated early. If descent can be difficult or if hyperbaric therapy, supplemental oxygen, and access to medical care are not available, HAPE may progress to respiratory failing and to death ultimately. Remember that HAPE is the true number one cause of death from high altitude illness. More than fifty % of individuals with HACE who develop coma die.