The WHO / UNAIDS report shows that the number of people.

The WHO / UNAIDS report shows that the number of people, the technology is all regions of the all regions of the world, and the rate of scale-up is also accelerating. In sub-Saharan Africa, the region most affected by HIV, approximately 500 000 people currently ART. More than triple the number of people on ART in June 2004, and nearly twice as many as six months ago Also in Asia – the second most affected region – the number of people with access to ART has tripled since June 2004 to around 155,000 almost. More than 50 % of this increase occurred in the first six months of this year.

It is also necessary to measure progress and analyze barriers to implementation on a continuous basis in order to inform effective action.. A key challenge in achieving universal access to both treatment and prevention will enhance the provision of increased financial and technical support for the health and social systems. Priorities need to ensure that essential packages of prevention, treatment and care services in place are shifting district by district and community by community.Directing When a liquid sample is placed into the disposable device, microfluidic channels is by to sponges that with antibodies, di in mass production size of the pore and channels in agarose can be adapted down to the nanoscale.