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Selected young Carefully, healthy neurons can repair brain circuitry Neuron transplants have repaired human brain circuitry and substantially normalized function in mice with a brain disorder, an progress indicating that key regions of the mammalian human brain are more reparable than was widely believed. Collaborators from Harvard University, Massachusetts General Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess INFIRMARY and Harvard Medical School transplanted normally functioning embryonic neurons at a thoroughly chosen stage of their advancement into the hypothalamus of mice struggling to respond to leptin, a hormone that regulates controls and metabolism body weight.

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Treatment Support Of America CEO offers advice on caregiving to aging relatives Summer has its serious problems for seniors living at home, but a little bit of planning by family caregivers can go a long way should a weather crisis occur. Summer months emergencies include not only main disasters like wildfires and hurricanes, but also heat storms and emergencies that knock out power and usage of services, says Dr. Dan Tobin, CEO of Care Support of America, a national family caregiving service. In case you are caring for an aging relative, it’s vital to check on in with them more regularly to ensure that they’re ready. Stay organized, and maintain information of essential medical details such as: The names and contact information for each of their doctors and providers – be sure to include the cause for seeing each of them.