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Editorial The spending budget request contains ‘significant cuts to the Medicare and Medicaid programs’ that ‘would not apply to the federal obligations that private insurers get’ for MA plans, which ‘have been rife with overpayments,’ regarding to a NEVADA Sunlight editorial. The editorial states, ‘A splendid plan, Mr. President. Slash the providers that allow visitors to live at home and avoid expensive nursing home care longer, then slice reimbursements to assisted living facilities so they have space for fewer individuals.’ Democratic lawmakers have said the spending budget request ‘hasn’t a potential for survival, and we wish that is true,’ the editorial claims, adding, ‘Bush’s proposal would be a awful, cruel way to treat our nation’s sick’ .Parents are getting informed that their kids shall not end up being admitted to college without their required vaccinations. As parents rush with their pediatricians for completion of college forms, vaccine boosters arrive fast and furious. Whooping cough, measles, and hepatitis vaccines are administered to schoolchildren in record quantities now. Parents aren’t informed these vaccine boosters aren’t needed for school access actually. Quite the opposite. Parents are pressured into offering vaccines against their wants even. But in all claims vaccine exemptions are plentiful to parents. Nearly fifty % have philosophical exemptions in order that parents can simply submit an email stating that vaccines are unlike their personal beliefs.