According for some experts.

13. ”A healthy boy one day can result in this situation with no notification,” his mother, Katt Coffey, said. For more on the condition, watch KYW’s insurance coverage below:.. Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis striking young women A newly diagnosed brain disease that’s infecting mostly young ladies could be behind some misdiagnosed psychological disorders, according for some experts. Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis, 1st identified in 2007, is an auto-immune disease occurring when antibodies turn on the brain and cause it to swell, relating to CBS station KYW in Philadelphia. Symptoms range from paranoia, mania, getting dazed, personality changes, acting ‘possessed’ and being catatonic, that may lead some doctors to diagnose the nagging problem as psychological instead of physical.A Letter For Your Doctor allows the reader to record worries and observations. Suggestions for Safe Swallowing give the caregiver concrete guidelines for making mealtimes safer. A whole chapter is devoted to choking, perhaps the most feared of swallowing problems. It guides the reader in knowing when to handle the Heimlich maneuver, how to do it, and when to hold off. The book can be amply illustrated and set in slightly larger-than-regular type to make it reader-friendly.