Washington Park Boat House

Completed: 2011

Location: Denver, CO

Archetype: ReUse

The renovation of the historic Boathouse in Washington Park consists of three phases. The first phase improves accessibility by adding a code compliant stair and ramp to the pavilion level. This phase also includes the renovation to the Boathouse’s exterior, landscaping and public rest rooms that are accessible to Park visitors. Phase two, the renovation of the Boathouse’s interior, consists of rest rooms that are available for private events, a bridal changing area and a warming kitchen for use by caterers for private events. Phase three involves the completion of the renovation of the interior multipurpose room. Additional aspects of the Boathouse’s renovation consist of a new floor for the pavilion level, new historically compatible windows, an exterior paint scheme that is more compatible with the original historical intent and restoration of the historic second chimney.