Douglas County Sheriff Substation

Completed: 2011

Location: Highlands Ranch, CO

Archetype: LEED ®, Safety

The Douglas County Sheriff Sub-Station sits on one of the last remaining development sites at the Highlands Ranch Town Center. The design of the building both aesthetically and functionally is such that it blends into the architectural vocabulary of the Town Center while mixing public uses with more private and secure Sheriff’s Department Services. Public parking and community spaces are located on the main floor of the building and set to the northern side of the site that fronts Highlands Ranch Parkway. Pedestrian connections are provided from this level to the rest of Town Center. Secured Sheriff’s Department vehicle parking is provided on the southern portion of the site and is set a full level lower than the public parking in order to provide better security and screening. All of the Sheriff booking and training facilities are located on the lower basement level of the building in order to provide the needed security and privacy – accessed through a secured “Sally Port.” The exterior skin of the building is a highly detailed combination of three colors of brick and precast accents. Three large translucent wall panels break up the north, east and south facades for additional interest. The two story entry tower on the west side of the building with a domed standing seam metal roof is the marquee architectural design element.

Anticipated LEED-NC Gold