The Children’s Hospital East Wing Additional Parking Garage

Completed: 2011 (Phase 1)

Location: Denver, CO

Archetype: Travel

Pahl Architecture is serving as the Design Architect for Desman Associates on the new East Wing Additional Parking Garage for the staff at the Children’s Hospital located on the Anschutz Campus. Our team is responsible for all exterior appearance and pedestrian lobby aesthetics as well as presenting the design to the Design Review Board and the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center for approval.

Phase 1 is 4 stories and has 1300 parking spaces. Phase 2 is planned for a later date to increase the parking structure to 11 stories and 3600 to 4000 spaces to accommodate the projected number of future employees.

“Pahl Architecture was on the front end of this aggressive schedule in that it was their scope to produce a design that would gain quick approval with the Hospital and its Design Review Board. The parking facility was required to assimilate the architectural theme within the Fitzsimons campus and meet all of the ridged requirements of the campus’ Design Guidelines. The design as produced was approved with rave reviews and the parking structure will surely be a successful addition to the hospital Campus.”

Stephen J. Rebora, RA, President