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Reduce by 34 % given. Control of vitamin a deficiency is a global goal of the World Health Organization and is considered one of the most cost-effective of all health interventions for saving young lives. Is available. Because infant mortality is greatest in the first months of life, administered a single dose of vitamin A by mouth to a newborn child to save the life of another 300,000 children in Asia every year, said Sommer, Professor and Dean Emeritus of the Bloomberg School of Public Health. This is the beginning of one million lives per year, which by all dosage vitamin A deficiency children are twice saved per year from six months to 5 years.

###Original publication:Tobias A. Ulrike Abed, Christian Goosmann, Robert Hurwitz, Ilka Schulze, Volker Wahn, Yvette Weinrauch, Volker Brinkmann and Arturo ZychlinskyNovel Cell Death program leads to Extracellular Traps neutrophilsJournal of Cell Biology, published online, January 2007Contact: Prof.Noel Horgan and his colleagues are covered six children, a 6 a 6 – month period with an alkali eye injuries from a fluid detergent tablets.