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Immediately register for children who are severely malnourished these products these products give for us adults – argued, ‘he explained. In addition to the crucial role antiretroviral drugs in the health status of patients with HIV / AIDS, the WFP play ‘anti-retroviral therapy alone is not enough to get people healthy and alive and head of WFP food. See Martin Bloem says food and nutritional support are important components of this medical treatment, ‘the news service writes. Bloem described the challenges of HIV / AIDS patients on ARVs, if they lack access to food, -e , including side effects from drugs and trouble.. To Nutritional support for people working to improve HIV / AIDS’The purpose of for the first few weeks and months is to make the person as healthy as possible,’Bloem said.

The World Program , with the support of UNAIDS, is planning to launch a new policy to make food and nutritional support more available to people living with HIV, VOA News reports. Agency, says agency, says the goal[ of the] program is to help patients treatment treatment, while protecting their budgets further weakness is, the news service added. In addition, the news service is the policy provide safety nets to the homes of people who have HIV According to the plan, these families food rations, cash transfers or vouchers that allow them to foods on local markets at would receive acquire (Schlein..For the study, McEvoy and colleague carried out in order determine whether them could by of local atrophy of characteristic of gentle AD, by in the predict cognitive decline in patients with MCI aid kit.

In Alzheimer disease, nerve cell and attachment loss cause brain areas to the atrophy. And structural MRI allows radiologists visualized subtle anatomical changes of the brain that signal is atrophy of. MCI is a associated with a higher risk the progressive of Alzheimer disease. Rates of progression vary. A few patients proceed swiftly, whereas others be stable for relatively long periods.