An annual event to improve awareness and understanding of infantile spasms with pediatricians.

In the last year, CNF is rolling out a website, that provides details on IS from leading child neurologists and shares stories from families coping with this devastating condition. CNF has developed an educational brochure and DVD also. ‘Infantile spasms is a very rare, but devastating type of childhood epilepsy,’ said Lawrence W. Dark brown, MD, Associate Professor of Neurology and Pediatrics at the Children’s Medical center of Philadelphia and President of the Child Neurology Foundation. ‘It is also a disorder where time can be of the essence when it comes to treatment and medical diagnosis. That’s why these awareness efforts are so critical.’ As part of IS Consciousness Week, Dr.Consider requesting yourself a few pre-determined questions to help you simplifying the procedure of selection. Analysis makes function over the horizon for many fitness equipment purchasers or on to the ones who are preparing to switch their daily lazy routine to something healthy for their mind and body. Be obvious over why you are purchasing it, how long will you be using it, do you have sufficient place to install it, and do you wish to choose first hand devices or used types, the model information, etc. Apart from these basic questions, consider answering the next questions too: 1. Are you using the cardio machine by itself or several others will be using it? 2. Will the equipment be a permanent fixture or not? 3. Exactly what will be the motor size, deck duration, portability, program options, etc The next thing to be certain of is the vendor.