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Although some hospitals have some items of N95 masks readily available, the manufacturing shortfall has prevented hospitals from obtaining the true number of masks that are required. Hospitals are carrying out all they can to get the supplies and gear they want, but there is only so very much hospitals can perform, Dauner mentioned. The nurses union should call a halt to the disruptive hit and instead focus its resources on working collaboratively with hospitals and public health officials to place the needs of sufferers first.‘Hematologists have been at the forefront of the regenerative medication field for many years and are poised to supply great insight and leadership in steering the field in the right direction,’ stated David A. Williams, MD, of the Children’s Hospital and Dana-Farber Cancers Institute in Boston and Harvard Medical School, and co-writer of the workshop statement detailing ASH’s recommendations. ‘In addition, as the leading society of hematologists, ASH provides been working to leverage the expertise of its associates and foster collaboration among like-minded groups and federal agencies in this region. ASH takes on a distinctive and potentially pivotal role in advancing the field.’ ASH’s key recommendations to address the challenges in the field consist of important factors for the National Institutes of Health and the general scientific community.