Published in the February edition of the journal Nature Reviews Medication Discovery.

‘ Licinio and Wong fear that overzealous regulatory and medical reaction, general public confusion and widespread media coverage might persuade people to stop taking antidepressants altogether. They warn that this would create a far worse situation by causing a drop in treatment for those who absolutely need it. The UCLA study also looked at other reasons that may donate to suicidal behavior by people taking SSRIs for depression.Also, many students fill up the prescriptions quarterly so are only today seeing the increase. Some learning students stated they doubted the purchase price raises would dissuade many learners from buying contraceptives, but said it might be noticed. ‘I feel like if a person’s likely to seek it, they will seek it and look for the resources for this,’ said Betsy Henke, pupil body president at Indiana University. But, she added: ‘Anything that is an upsurge in what a student is paying will probably have some kind of impact.’ The price hikes will ‘certainly have an effect on students,’ said Lindsay Hicks, a Sexual Wellness Recognition Peer Educator at Kansas State University, where she stated prices were increasing from about $10 to about $30 per month.