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Paul Labute explained, ‘We eliminated earlier pocket search constraints by applying a pocket recognition algorithm, offering richer query results thus. With a larger pool of potential binding sites, researchers are actually in a better position, for example, to identify potential drug unwanted effects or fresh therapeutic areas.’ PSILO includes a simple yet effective Google-like search bar in which multiple search requirements, such as for example combinations of text, sequence, 2D substructure and 3D geometry specifications, could be expressed.Kovacs from the Clinical Institute of Neurology at the MedUni Vienna has now demonstrated that Alzheimer’s disease does not just – as previously believed – involve the proteins that are related to Alzheimer’s, but instead a combination can be involved by the health of interacting proteins from different neurodegenerative diseases. ‘As a result, Alzheimer’s should not be treated in isolation. Regarding to these latest findings, pure, classical Alzheimer’s disease, that involves only the attributed proteins amyloid and tau beta, appears never to be typical,’ says Kovacs. There is also a varied regional distribution of nerve cell proteins and reduction deposits between patients which, taken together, have medical prognostic significance. As a consequence of this, differentiated strategies have to be developed for personalised therapy that takes account of all the interacting elements.