A chemical within green tea might be an effective tool against the sexual transmission of HIV.

The researchers noted that they lately identified a peptide fraction in human being semen that regularly enhanced HIV-1 infection. The study found that EGCG can neutralize the sperm protein, known as a semen-derived enhancer of virus infection, or SEVI. The experts said that SEVI is normally an important infectivity element of HIV. Related StoriesNew study finds high prevalence of HIV among pregnant refugee women in OntarioResearch provides leads for new strategies to develop HIV vaccineGenvoya approved as complete program for HIV treatmentAccording to the researchers, EGCG is apparently a promising dietary supplement to antiretroviral microbicides to lessen sexual transmitting of HIV-1.The first trial will involve the treatment of a number of different cancers types in patients with late stage malignancy. The IND submitting can be an important milestone for us, since it completes our pre-clinical stage of transitions and development Circadian right into a clinical development company. We be prepared to commence our 1st in man Stage I studies as soon as possible after FDA review. We also expect to see results from the scholarly study in the second half of 2012. The applications for the VEGF technology, which features in regulating bloodstream and lymphatic vessel development, are broad and substantial. About the IND Process An Investigational New Medication Software is a obtain authorization from the U.S.