Big Pharma blackmails Greece.

If a few thousand folks have to die throughout a pharmaceutical blockade, that is clearly a small price to cover them making sure years of billion-dollar profits because of this. That drug businesses would take part in this behavior exposes the true scam of drug-based medication. Drug companies approach countries with the false guarantee that their patented chemical substances can make people well. And however they don’t. The truth is, pharmaceuticals only cause even more disease requiring even more pharmaceuticals. There is absolutely no such factor as a ‘pharmaceutical remedy’ for just about any disease.The outsourcing companies include the most recent and state-of-art facilities essential for the production of high quality medicines. The contract manufacturers are known to build close associations with the pharmaceutical companies. From the marketplace statistics, it really is proved that there surely is an excellent rise in the demand for mass drugs. To fulfill the demand of the market, the bulk drug producers are expanding their creation capacity.