Anti-viral drug development programs progress successfully.

Anti-viral drug development programs progress successfully, reviews NanoViricides NanoViricides, Inc . , reports that the ongoing firm is well financed and its game changing anti-viral medication development applications are progressing successfully. As such, Management has learned of no good reason for the recent decline in stock cost and associated volatility. The Company announced that it has raised a lot more than $4.3M in equity financing.

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Anti-seizure drug Epilim displays promise for Alzheimer’s A drug commonly used to treat epilepsy could help apparent the plaques in the mind connected with Alzheimer’s disease, according to researchers at the University of Leeds. The plaques are known to lead to the progressive loss of life of nerve cells in the brain linked to many types of dementia. Sodium valproate – which is usually marketed as the anti-seizure medication Epilim – has been proven by researchers at the University of Leeds to reactivate your body’s personal defences against a small protein known as amyloid beta peptide, which may be the main element of the mind plaques characteristic in Alzheimer’s.