UK Department of Health Today is the UK s Chief Medical Officer.

The actions to be taken include – :.. Published, UK Department of Health Today is the UK ‘s Chief Medical Officer, Sir Liam Donaldson, announced new measures to combat and eventually eliminate tuberculosis in Britain. The plan to stop tuberculosis in ,, a strong commitment to the disease, which identify the awareness of the disease among healthcare professionals and the public on high quality surveillance solution to monitor the disease concentrates on high-risk groups to combat to fight the infection early, and for the optimal clinical management of patients with TB.

Type of touch – no known risk of infection – 1 in 100,000type of contact – casual social contacts infection risk – 1 in 100,000type of contact – school, workplace infection risk – 1 in 50 to 1 in 3 – nature of contact – a bar, social club infection – Up to 1 in 10type of touch – Home risk of infectiontype of contact – nursing home infection risk – 1 in 20source: New England Journal of Medicine , 2003* the duration of exposure is an important additional factor in interpreting these data.1 For further information please contact the press officers at the numbers available: contact Alison Langley Senior Press Officer 0207 210 5649 spokeswoman Sophie Coppel..This is possible because the two surfaces of the sensor chemical treated chemically treated capture probes solution of an electrochemical art specifically developed by IBN. This allows for glue DNA strands lighter on the sensor and and more precise analysis of which. This new biosensor of to a considerable extent has pledge to speed up going efforts in the detection and diagnostics of debilitating disease such as cancer, cardio issues and infectious virus We want healthcare for the mass having of the earlier diagnostic of diseases such as to make.

Nanoscale for disease diagnosis and biological research by Singapore scientist developed.

Although effective, to do not test with PCR best used in situations like pandemic, when fast results are necessary as PCR instruments are prone bulky and expensive.