CRISPR device streamlines gene editing Within the past few years.

In April, Chinese scientists reported that that they had attemptedto alter a gene in nonviable human embryos. The announcement sparked bioethicists to require a more cautious approach to gene editing. The other wrench in the machine can be an ongoing dispute over who should be awarded the patent for inventing CRISPR. Until these issues are resolved, some investors and experts will opt to wait around on the sidelines.. CRISPR device streamlines gene editing Within the past few years, a new technology has made altering genes in plants and animals much easier than before.According to researchers, 25 percent of Canadians believe there are some risks connected with giving blood, but an intense education marketing campaign would help increase the donor data source, which is approximated at about 12.5 million eligible donors.. Alzheimer’s linked to raised chlesterol: Study Add Alzheimer’s to the list of diseases linked to unhealthy eating. A fresh study links high cholesterol to the degenerative neurological disorder, which affects 5.4 million Americans. Pictures: Alzheimer’s disease: 7 things that raise your risk ‘We found that raised chlesterol levels were significantly linked to brain plaques connected with Alzheimer’s disease,’ study author Dr.