Arrow LionHeart heart-assist device patient receives heart transplant Gayle Snider.

Arrow LionHeart heart-assist device patient receives heart transplant Gayle Snider, the initial U read article .S. Affected individual to go home from a healthcare facility with an Arrow LionHeart heart-assist device, received a heart transplant Saturday, Might 22, at Penn State Milton S. Hershey INFIRMARY. Gayle was in great spirits prior to the operation, said Walter E. Pae Jr., cardiothoracic surgeon, Penn State Cardiovascular Center. He emerged through the task just good and is progressing as expected. Snider, 36, from York, Pa., marked one year with the heart-assist gadget on, may 14. He stated in a declaration to the mass media that week: It’s hard to trust it’s been a season.

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