CDC starts hyping flu period early to press more useless vaccines The U.

But you can only just cry wolf so many times before people begin ignoring you . After that, there may be the inconvenient truth that flu shots do not even work, an undeniable fact that was revealed in a 2011 research published in the peer-examined journal The Lancet. Besides allowing their muscles to be injected with high levels of aluminium, formaldehyde, monosodium glutamate , mercury and additional toxins, individuals who get flu photos only derive a 1.5 % decreased threat of contracting the flu in a best case scenario, the scholarly study found.Some ICU nurses vacation resort to using handwritten white labels to differentiate virtually identical apparent IV lines.

Anti-inflammatory function of Alzheimer’s disease drugs revealed The mechanism in anti-Alzheimer’s disease drugs that inhibits the production of a destructive, inflammation-causing protein in the mind has been revealed by researchers at the Hebrew university of Jerusalem. The extensive research team working on this project was headed by Prof.