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The total number of confirmed human cases in Indonesia now stands at 40, of whom 31 have died.Washington Post publishes Letters to Editor About UNAIDS HIV prevalence estimatesThe Washington Post on Saturday two letters issued to the editor in response to a recent Post article about how UNAIDS might have overestimated the prevalence of HIV in several African countries in recent years post post editorial saying that should the recent findings ‘calls for a re-opening ‘of the debate about whether HIV / AIDS ‘overlap’in comparison with other diseases, such as malaria. Summaries of the letters displayed below. Pamela Barnes: Although the Post article, as well as a recent Lancet study in search of a decline in HIV prevalence among young people in India could, ‘the reader the impression that the world is a sigh of relief about the HIV AIDS AIDS pandemic to breathe, ‘the disease ‘continues its great damage ‘Barnes, President and CEO of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, wrote. HIV / AIDS ‘raging disproportionately in women of childbearing age ‘, and both the Post article and Lancet study ‘acknowledge[ s], A ‘ HIV rates are sometimes four times higher in pregnant women than in the general population ‘, so. Barnes Less than 10 percent of the ‘millions of women worldwide who become pregnant each year have access to HIV testing ‘and drugs to vertical HIV to prevent transmission, Barnes writes, adding that firm a recent study by the U.S. Government focused directed to prevent vertical transmission ‘is too short. ‘She concludes: ‘AIDS continues to be a monumental disaster for us all ‘(Barnes, Washington Post.

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All registrants should know who – one local Health Trust and carton, for example – go to for advice where they are concerned about possible treatment or neglect, the GDC tells in new statement to protect the child. – The GDC holds the concept vulnerable adults to mean person aged over 18 years of age, and can in the necessity community care service[ including health care] because of adverse psychological or different disability, age or illness his do not does not take care of him and herself, or unable to protect himself against significant harm or exploitation itself 1.