Chilis caves to medical mafia.

Anyone who’s anti-mercury, as it happens, is automatically labeled anti-science. The medical mafia has become desperate: they are shedding the war for truth in medicineBut that just goes to demonstrate how desperate the vaccine pushers have got truly become. If they have to resort to mafia-style methods, blatant lies and orchestrated media defamation promotions to silence their opposition, you know that they can’t earn on the scientific information alone! If someone really has science on their side, they don’t need to resort to oppression, detrimental P.R. Promotions, organized trolling on cultural media, nasty backlash campaigns against Chili’s and various other similar nonsense. The actual fact that the vaccine pushers possess resorted to these strategies is practically an admission they have failed and also have nothing left to provide except intimidation.2.You can apply Aloe Vera gel on the affected skin to cure skin disorders like acne and pimples naturally. 3.To moisturize your dry skin and prevent skin disorders, you are advised to apply few drops of almond essential oil. 4.You can use avocado paste to massage the affected area also. 5.Application of cucumber juice refreshes your skin layer. It reduces swelling on your own skin also. 6.You should consume lot of fish since it is rich in omega 3 essential fatty acids. 7.You are advised to make a mix of sandalwood paste and rosewater and apply over the affected area. Application of the paste daily eliminates scars from your face and skin. 8.You should rub acne scars using tomato slices. Tomatoes are rich in carotenes and Supplement A. It also has anti-oxidant properties to heal damaged tissues and ensure glowing skin.