According to a fresh federal report.

In past plan debates, some worried that the SCHIP plan would merely shift children from private coverage to community insurance without actually diminishing the amount of uninsured. But the new CDC report demonstrates wasn’t the case, Glied said. The kids result was interesting. I haven’t actually seen that in additional studies, Glied said.5 million to 6.8 million. Glied and others stated the CDC quantities are much like the Census Bureau estimates roughly. The Census Bureau estimated that in 2005, 44.8 million people or 15.3 % of the population were without health insurance..Open Obligations was unveiled the other day and included data on 4.4 million payments valued at $3.5 billion. Over fifty % a million doctors and about 1,360 teaching hospitals received at least one payment . Meanwhile, a report looks at efforts to make doctor training less dangerous. Reuters: Shorter Doc Training Not Tied To Worse Outcomes A 2003 rule restricting the number of hours doctors-in-training can work each week didn't impact the grade of care they provided after they were practicing independently, suggests a new research. Restricting the hours doctors-in-training worked every week may, in fact, possess improved the outcomes for his or her high-risk patients, the researchers compose in the journal Health Affairs.