Regulations and policies to promote healthy eating and fight childhood obesity.

CDC: States can carry out more to boost Children’s food environment States can do more to boost food access, regulations and policies to promote healthy eating and fight childhood obesity, according to a written report from the Centers meant for Disease Prevention and Control. The 2011 Children’s Food Environment State Indicator Report also notes that the communities, child care services and colleges all have roles to play ed treatment . ‘Childhood obesity has tripled over the past 30 years,’ stated CDC Director Thomas Frieden, M.D., M.P.H.’ Thirty-two claims and the District of Columbia obtained at or below the nationwide average for the Altered Retail Food Environment Index , a way of measuring the proportion of meals retailers that sell well balanced meals within a state typically.

CDC admits to flu vaccine’s ineffectiveness as huge influx of flu victims fills hospitals in the united states Untold a large number of people from almost all 50 U.S. Says have continued to flood medical center emergency rooms in recent weeks because of widespread outbreaks of flu-like symptoms. And because many of these folks have been vaccinated for the flu this year already, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is basically having to admit that the flu shot isn’t nearly as effective as we have all been told it really is – – but make sure to get it anyway . As reported by CBS News, the newest statistics present that at least 24 states and New York City are going through ‘high activity of influenza-like illness,’ and another 16 claims are reporting moderate activity, despite the warmer-than-normal winter in lots of places throughout the country.