Environmental and homeland protection applications.

The HI 90 program allows fast identification, quantification and visualization of hazardous gases remotely from long distances potentially. Due to its array detector, the HI 90 hyperspectral imager can measure all pixels concurrently up to 1000 occasions quicker than traditional scanning systems which record the spectra at each pixel sequentially. The new HI 90 represents a fresh high spatial quality, ultrafast hyperspectral imaging system in Bruker’s broad remote control sensing products, which also consists of the Scanning Infrared Gas Imaging System SIGIS 2 for homeland security and scientific applications, the mil-spec 360 level scanning stand-off detector RAPID, as well as the ultra-high spectral quality FTIR spectrometer IFS 125 for scientific applications in atmospheric research.The FDA acknowledged that Menerba is certainly a selective estrogen receptor beta agonist. Granted we continue steadily to show no basic safety concerns after the Stage 3 trials, Menerba provides a safer option to current hormone therapy.’ SOURCE Bionovo, Inc.

Colorado joins national trend to implement unconstitutional limitations on vaccine exemptions: a state could be next Colorado is among the growing set of states seeking to raise the number of mandatory vaccines while restricting usage of vaccine exemptions. Previous latest efforts have occurred in WA, NY, NJ, NC and CA. This matter is definitely of grave concern to all.