Acai berry pulp is a fruit of a palm tree merely referred to as cabbage palm also.

The development of contemporary agro technologies such as for example systematic harvesting and cultivation have produced this possible. Additionally it is possible today to flash freeze the acai fruit pulp and convert it into different items. This technique of processing means that the vitamins and minerals of the berry remains intact in the ultimate end products. In fact nowadays there are several ongoing companies which focus on the way to obtain organic Acai berry pulp products. This ensures that the merchandise that you consume usually do not contain any harmful chemical compounds or pesticides.However, when the group considered different cancers subtypes and specific types of NSAIDs, they found that daily aspirin make use of was associated with a small decrease in the risk of ER+ breast tumor. An identical link was not observed in instances of ER – breast cancer. Gierach concludes: In conclusion, our results usually do not support an important influence of NSAIDs on total breast tumor risk. .. Aspirin and other NSAIDs could decrease the risk of breast cancer Taking aspirin every day may lower women’s risk of a particular kind of breast malignancy, according to results released in BioMed Central’s open up access journal Breast Cancer Research.