On schedule for completion in Q4 2013.

As drug-based ways of management are ineffective, many patients with this disease will degenerate to the real point of requiring invasive artificial joint replacement surgery.. Cellular Biomedicine Group reports interim results of Phase We/IIa scientific trial for Knee Osteoarthritis Cellular Biomedicine Group, Inc. today announced the interim outcomes of its Stage I/IIa medical trial for individual adipose-derived mesenchymal precursor cell therapy for Knee Osteoarthritis , which lab tests the security and efficacy of intra-articular shots of autologous haMPCs in order to reduce inflammation and fix damaged joint cartilage. On schedule for completion in Q4 2013, the interim analysis of the trial offers preliminarily demonstrated a substantial improvement from the baseline in clinical scores for SF-36, NRS-11, and WOMAC osteoarthritis indices, no serious adverse occasions have already been reported.Patent. We believe these substances may possess the potential to provide substantial clinical advantage to patients with unmet medical needs, and to do so without the side effects that have limited the utility of cannabinoid drugs in the past. The CeNeRx compounds were specifically designed therefore their activity is fixed to the peripheral nervous system, with reduced or no central nervous system activity. CNS side effects connected with traditional cannabinoid agents can be significant.