Today announced that the Brain Tumor Research Center at the University of California.

In April 2008, Oncophage was authorized in Russia for the adjuvant treatment of kidney malignancy patients at intermediate-risk for disease recurrence. Pre-commercial launch activities are ongoing. In 2008 October, Antigenics submitted a marketing authorization application to the European Medications Company requesting conditional authorization for Oncophage in earlier-stage, localized renal cell carcinoma. Oncophage received fast monitor and orphan medication designations from the US Food and Drug Administration for both kidney cancer and metastatic melanoma and also orphan medication designation from the EMEA for kidney tumor. In 2009 2009, Oncophage also received orphan medication designations from the FDA and EMEA for glioma. In April 2009, the Globe Vaccine Congress called Oncophage as the best therapeutic vaccine.The study reveals that men will be the worst culprits knocking back again the alcoholic equivalent of almost of 200,000 calories annually, while women are consuming an extra 110,000 each full year. For women little and large methods of reddish and white wine will be the main way to obtain alcohol calories followed by spirits, lager and alcopops. Mick James, protection advertising manager for Standard Lifestyle, says the figures color a stark picture of how Britain is normally heading towards alcoholic-induced obesity.